The Goleta Chamber of Commerce is working to help residents and businesses prepare for the upcoming El Nino. We will update this page weekly with updated links and information.

Top 10 ways to prepare your business for El Nino

  1. Check to see if you’re in a flash flood area.
  2. Check your building structure for roof or gutter problems that may have arisen during the drought.
  3. Get sandbags ready if necessary. During a storm, the City of Goleta updates their website with sandbag locations.
  4. Check your insurance for adequate coverage and make sure premiums are up-to-date.
  5. Create an employee contact list including your employees’ emergency contact numbers and store it in a few places.
  6. Store some supplies at your workplace in case the roads are closed and you and your employees have to stay in the office. Food water first aid and batteries.
  7. Sign up for several emergency alert systems like the City of GoletaNoozhawk and KEYT.
  8. If you are in a flood prone area move your computer equipment up off the floor. Think about other critical merchandise that can be elevated in advance.
  9. Make sure your computer back up system is working and up-to-date. Create a “critical documents” folder and place it on a thumb drive or in the cloud.
  10. Never step into moving water. If you must travel on foot use a stick to test the depth and solidity of the ground before you step on it. Never drive through moving water. As little as 2 feet of moving water can overturn an SUV.


Visit for important lists and resources to prepare.