The Chamber has been working with the Friends of Goleta Beach Park for more than 10 years to advocate to protect Goleta Beach Park.

On May 13, 2015, the Coastal Commission Approved the Permit to Keep Rock Revetment at Goleta Beach Park.


  • The public has studied for 10 years the best solution to erosion problems that wash away Goleta Beach Park
  • The County’s Environmental Impact Report showed with sound science that the buried rock revetment currently in place is the best defense against winter storm erosion
  • The revetment at Goleta Beach is not a rock wall – this last line of defense comes in contact with wave action only once or twice per year during storms and allows for natural movement of sand up and down the coast year-round.
  • Other experimental proposals such as managed retreat and digging up utility lines were proved to be risky, expensive and unnecessary
  • Currently, there is widespread consensus that maintaining and monitoring the buried rock revetment is the best long term solution
  • Goleta Beach serves 1.5 Million visitors per year and provides coastal access to families and children with free parking

California Coastal Commission Staff Report on Goleta Beach Park