The Public Policy Committee has set 2017 as the year to study a long-term strategy for water security in the region. This group usually tackles a wide variety of policy, land use, government and business issues, but given the severity of the recent drought, the group decided to use its collective man power to tackle one of the most pressing issues for our region.

Santa Barbara County has various water purveyors and districts and the recent drought caused our group to wonder if a more long-term and cohesive strategy could help us deal with what may be a ten-year repetitive cycle of drought.

The first meeting has been held with guest speaker John McInnes, General Manager of the Goleta Water District. Mr. McInnes’ presentation focused on some very positive aspects of how Goleta dealt with the drought and reviewed with the group that one important strategy they are addressing is direct or indirect reuse potable water, where wastewater is cleaned so thoroughly that it can be recharged into the ground water and becomes potable again.

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