The Chamber is a strong advocate for renegotiating the current Revenue Neutrality Agreement between the City of Goleta and the County of Santa Barbara.

In 2001, voters approved the incorporation of the City of Goleta, which had previously been part of unincorporated Santa Barbara County.  At that time, voters also approved the Revenue Neutrality Agreement (RNA) (  Revenue Neutrality Agreement,  Revenue Neutrality Agreement Amendment No. 1).

Goleta pays roughly $5.3 million to Santa Barbara County each year, as the agreement requires the city to split its property tax revenues with the county in perpetuity. It also hands over 30 percent of its sales taxes every year.

The Chamber commissioned a study of the affect of this agreement on the City of Goleta in 2008. We published a white paper on the issue, which was updated in 2014. The Goleta City Council continues to make an effort to work with the County of Santa Barbara on renegotiating this agreement, so far not agreement has been made.

Click here to review the Chamber of Commerce White Paper on Revenue Neutrality