City and County Encourage Businesses to Prepare for Emergencies

This month the City of Goleta and the County of Santa Barbara are asking you to help your co-workers and employees be safe while they’re at work in Goleta by encouraging them to sign up for emergency notifications. Most of us use cell phones to communicate, interact and get our news in a timely way.  This is a great resource for emergency personnel when they need to alert the community about emergencies and disasters.

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FLIR Systems Puts Down More Roots in Goleta

A HELICOPTER HOVERED high above a suburban Boston backyard, where the homeowner swore someone was hiding in his tarp-covered boat parked by the garage.

After he alerted police, an aircraft was brought in with an infrared camera mounted to its underside.

From heat-detecting images, authorities determined there was indeed a person inside the boat, and that he was armed, alone and injured.

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