The Goleta Chamber of Commerce is proud to create engaging events for our community.  We believe that Goleta as an ideal place to live, work, and thrive. Events, such as the annual Lemon Festival, are produced by our team to invite the community to celebrate all the wonderful things that make Goleta special – its businesses, families, agriculture, and more.

For those of us who live, work, and play in Goleta, it is easy to understand the benefits of its surroundings and the abundance of activities available from the foothills to the ocean. Goleta Beach Park is the most visited park in Santa Barbara County – with kayaking, barbeques, and more to offer. The Stowe House, home to the Chamber’s annual Lemon Dinner, offers a look into the rich history of the area.  We are proud to help connect the community with all that is special about Goleta and encourage you to search our upcoming events to help you thrive in this community!


The Goleta Chamber of Commerce proudly develops opportunities that make living in Goleta accessible.  We have worked closely with the Housing Trust Fund to offer first time home buyers assistance loan programs that soften the barriers of entry into the South Coast housing market.  In addition, we are very focused on workforce housing and advocate with other local organizations and the City Council to understand how we can best identify housing solutions that make Goleta a place to not only work, but to live.

We also identify ways in which we can enhance the quality of life of residents through more walkable and bikeable trails. The Chamber regularly reviews the city’s Master Plan and works with City Council to develop a network of pathways that provide alternative modes of transportation and connections between various Goleta neighborhoods, allowing all to experience life in the Goodland.


At the core of what makes the Goleta Chamber a strong advocate for its community is the support we provide to our present and future business leaders. We are proud to partner with many strong community leaders who include entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, and more. Our annual celebration of these organizations, the Goleta’s Finest Awards, honors local business, individuals, and nonprofits for their impact in our community.  Started in 1949, this tradition is a way we proudly honor those who have enhanced the Goleta community.

We also identify strategic opportunities that connect the community and help Goleta continue to thrive. We collaborate with organizations that want to share ideas and balance the needs of the many individuals that make the Goleta community so special.  If you want to know more about how we can thrive, live, and grow together, join the Chamber.