The health and safety of our employees, employers, and the larger community is our top priority. Toward that end, we are committed to making preparations for operational continuity plans, ensuring that remote work is an option for employees to the greatest extent possible, and reminding all members of our organizations and community of best practices with regard to health and safety.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we recommend that you stay up to date on the latest information provided by local health officials to help ease employee and customer concerns while preventing the spread of the virus.

The Chamber’s role in a fluid situation like this is to help our business members find the resources they need.

In addition, the Chamber has pivoted from our regular schedule of meetings and networking events. We have transitioned quickly to help convene our business members as we navigate this together. If you are used to coming to one of our events in person, please check your email and make sure you’re staying connected through our emails, newsletter and social media

Latest Chamber Updates

Business Resources

As you transition your business during this time, you may be learning how to work from home. Here are our tips on how to effectively work remotely:

In addition, it is important to document impacts to your business. While the COVID-19 situation is still unfolding, we are recommending that all businesses and organizations carefully document impacts to your businesses caused by the outbreak.  Documenting any losses from canceled events or decreased sales could assist in insurance claims or potential relief programs from government agencies.

Personal Protective Equipment – Local Sources

Hand Sanitizer

(800) 582-5348

(805) 528-4000

(805) 928-1863

Notes: Knows a company back east that sells in one-gallon size only

(805) 310-3738

California Detail Supply

(805) 922-8687

(805) 369-2662

Notes: Slowed down spirit production to create hand sanitizer. Asks agencies to contact them directly for orders

(805) 901-6094

(805) 928-8459

(800) 433-6628

Notes: Shifted some of its labs to produce bottles of hand sanitizer

(805) 544-4770

(805) 691-9259

Notes: Shifted some production of spirits to make hand sanitizer. Limited production.

(805) 925-7425

(805) 466-2218

(310) 538-3078

Notes: Product in LA warehouse, first come first serve availability

(805) 346-2766

(805) 467-9463

The Little Bath Co.

(800) 509 -9914

(805) 528-1000

1 (855) 369-7770


(800) 582-5348

(805) 346-8633

Notes: Making limited amount while supplies are provided

(805) 346-1880

Notes: Ordered N95 Masks in February, should receive them sometime in May

(818) 620-8847

(805) 544-4770

(805) 925-7425

(805) 466-2218

(310) 538-3078

Notes: Product in LA warehouse, first come first serve availability

(949) 293-6882

(805) 929-3223

Notes: N95 Masks at the registers

(805) 250-8526

Notes: Makes PPE Face Shields

1 (855) 369-7770

(541) 941-0459

The Perfect Fir

(805) 565-3424

(805) 245-6914

(435) 901-0656

(805) 705-9349

Santa Maria Sewing Superstore

(805) 363-2065

(805) 242-1285

Notes: Currently making respirators, may also shift to cloth masks

Steve Engles – N95 Masks – unlimited quantities available immediately from LA warehouse.

Theory Printing & Graphics

(805) 202-4627

(805) 922-0329


(800) 582-5348

(800) 755-7575

Notes: Latex Gloves

(805) 925-7425

(949) 293-6882

(541) 941-0459


The Goleta Chamber of Commerce partnering with local companies to get standard paper masks to frontline staff in Goleta. We want to help our local restaurant workers, bankers, gas station attendants, hardware store workers and other essential employees who are still interacting with others to help protect the spread of COVID-19. Our goal is to gift these businesses their first round of masks as a thank you gift and offer to help them procure additional masks after this if needed. Each mask can be worn by an employee twice.

We have sourced masks from a vendor that does not compete with the medical supply chain.

Masks are being delivered starting April 15th.

We would like to thank our Masks4Biz Sponsors: American Riviera Bank, Apeel Sciences, City of Goleta, Community West Bank, Deckers Brands, Kathy Odell – WEV, LogMeIn, Montecito Bank and Trust, Transphorm and Village Properties.

Federal and Local Disaster Relief Funds

The Chamber is focused on working with each sector of the business community to help with their needs. There are several resources available for businesses and we will be monitoring any new developments in this area.

Small Business Administration Loans (SBA)

This loan program is a good option for businesses. The loans are up to $2M at 3.25% for up to 30 years.  No payments for 5-months, while interest does accrue.  Non-profits are also eligible at an even lower rate.  Apply online, and loans are funded in approximately 30-45 days. For more information, click here…

Work Sharing Unemployment  

If employers have reached the point of needing to do layoffs, we encourage you to look at the EDD Work Sharing Unemployment. This is an existing employment insurance program through the EDD that businesses can qualify to help supplement employee wages during this need for reduced hours. For more information, click here… 

Local Businesses Look to Remain Open with Support from Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV)

Local non-profit Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV, primarily serves micro-businesses, defined as those with fewer than five employees and less than $1 million in annual revenues, by providing business training, coaching, and loans to more than 300 local business owners each year. WEV is stepping up to assist business owners during this time. You can reach out through a Response Line (English 805-456-2342, Spanish 805.908.0096) and apply for their Quick Response Loan program. Quick Response Loans offer financial support and assistance to businesses experiencing economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. WEV loans can be up to $10,000 with no payments for the first three payment cycles. For more information, click here… 


Health & Safety Updates

As recommended by the County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department, if you are not feeling well or are experiencing cold, flu or other symptoms, stay home to avoid spreading your germs to others. Take common-sense precautions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses like colds and flu and stay home to avoid the spread of germs. For up to date information, visit the following resources: 

How Can You Help?

There is no doubt that our community is beginning to experience the negative impacts of COVID-19. As our community faces this unprecedented situation there are many ways we can make a positive impact in our community and help support others in this time of need. Below are some ways you can help.

United Boys & Girls Clubs

United Boys & Girls Clubs have opened their doors to be a Food Bank Distribution site during this time. They could use volunteers to help bag canned goods. If you can help, please contact Tina Ballue at tballue@unitedbg.orgor Kate Newbury at

Goleta Location: 5701 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117

Shift one: 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Shift two: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Bucket Brigade


Need help? Click here:

 Donate blood

There is an urgent shortage and blood donors are needed. If you are healthy and able please consider donating blood now. As this disease continues to spread there will be significantly less people able to donate.

Vitalant, (877) 25-VITAL, 

American Red Cross, (800) RED CROSS, 

Support Local Businesses

Open for Business: Local Restaurant Listings

Restaurant Guy:

KEYT’s Business Directory: