The Data Doesn’t Support Current Regulations.

Woman in mask "There is something the shutdown data is not considering. Me."We recognize the challenges that everyone is facing because of the pandemic. We see the winter spike in COVID cases and the undue hardships local businesses are facing with the state-wide shut down order. We believe that there is a way to open and operate safely – keeping and enforcing COVID-safety. We strongly support wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance when working and performing all business operations, and looking at industry specific standards to support everyone in our community.

For months, the government has created ever-shifting metrics and ever-changing policies. Their directions have not evolved. Their only solution is to shut down.  Businesses have all pivoted.  They have implemented plexiglass walls, created directional signage to enforce social distancing of 6’ or more apart, built outdoor parklets, installed hand sanitizers and carefully monitored ventilation and more. This is not enough for the decision makers. We are doing our part. At home gatherings are the biggest cause of the spread.

Now is the time to act to save businesses, our community and our livelihoods. We need you to advocate for your family, friends, and neighbors.

TAKE ACTION! Contact your elected officials today. Tell them to allow businesses to operate safely.

Man in tie wearing a mask - "There is something the shutdown data is not considering. Me."

Governor Newsom: (916) 445-2841,

Senator Limon: (805) 965-0862,

Assembly Member Bennett: (805) 564-1649,

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors: (805) 568-2190,

The ever-shifting metrics and policies make operating a business confusing and challenging. The policies that have been set in place for many businesses across multiple industries, have worked effectively.  Yet again these business owners are forced to close their doors and layoff their staff.  These decisions are hurting not just the business owner, but entire teams. These individuals are the faces of your community – friends, neighbors, relatives. 

Other communities have taken action. Read about the San Diego Judge who suspended restaurant closing enforcement:

In Los Angeles, a Judge ruled that LA officials acted arbitrarily when ordering restaurants to close:



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