Maya Ulloa

American Riviera Scholarship Recipient | Bouchon, Santa Barbara

Rising culinary talent, Maya Ulloa, has recently made waves in the local dining scene with her passion for cooking and dedication to mastering her craft. Joining the esteemed kitchen staff at Bouchon, a Californian French restaurant renowned for its commitment to organic farm-fresh ingredients, Maya is quickly becoming an essential ingredient to the restaurant’s recipe for success.

Maya’s roots run deep in Santa Barbara, where she grew up and spent her formative years immersed in the rich cultural and culinary tapestry of the region. It’s here where she developed a profound appreciation for the diversity of flavors and ingredients available in the local area.

Currently enrolled as a student in the School of Culinary Arts at Santa Barbara City College, Maya’s culinary journey took a significant leap forward when she was awarded the prestigious American Riviera Scholarship from Bouchon. This scholarship not only reflects Maya’s exceptional talent but also demonstrates Bouchon’s commitment to nurturing and supporting local culinary enthusiasts.

The scholarship has opened doors for Maya to embark on a paid internship, where she works as a kitchen staff member and apprentice to the head chef at Bouchon. This hands-on experience is a unique opportunity for Maya, allowing her to refine her skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals in a real-world culinary setting.

Maya’s passion for cooking is not only about creating delectable dishes but also about celebrating the local produce that defines Californian cuisine. Bouchon’s emphasis on using organic farm-fresh ingredients aligns perfectly with Maya’s culinary philosophy, and she brings her creativity and flair to the kitchen to contribute to the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.

As Maya continues to hone her skills and make her mark in the culinary world, she remains deeply connected to her Santa Barbara roots. Her journey is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between talent, education, and community support. Eager to connect with and learn from fellow hospitality professionals, Maya embraces the creative outlet that cooking provides within the valuable and structured framework of the restaurant industry.

In the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara, Maya is not just cooking; she’s crafting a culinary experience that reflects the essence of the American Riviera, all while helping to keep the hospitality industry alive and inspiring young people her age to join the industry as well. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to carve her path in the local hospitality and culinary industries!



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