2024 Voters Guide – Santa Barbara County March 5 Primary Election

Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce is proud to present our 2024 Voters Guide. Part of the Chamber’s charter and mission is to connect business with the government in meaningful ways. Ou

The Chamber is proud to present the first look at our 2024 Voters Guide for the upcoming

March 5 primary election. This election is pivotal for Santa Barbara County businesses as it could influence the county’s economic development strategies, housing policies, childcare, and workforce development, all of which are crucial for creating a thriving business environment.

The Chamber sent questionnaires to candidates running for County Supervisor in Districts 1, 3 and 4. As this is a primary, a candidate must receive 50% plus one votes to win without a continuation to the November general election. Districts 1 and 4, with incumbents Das Williams and Bob Nelson, have only two candidates, meaning these races will be decided at the March primary. In District 3, with incumbent Joan Hartmann, there are three candidates, increasing the likelihood that the district election will continue to the November general election with the top two candidates.

Click here to read where each candidate stands on business-related topics.