Press Release: 2024 Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Magazine

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March 12, 2024

Discover the South Coast’s Ultimate Guide to Business, Culture, and Lifestyle in the 2024 Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Magazine

The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce proudly unveils the 2024 edition of the South Coast Magazine, a celebration of the communities of Carpinteria, Goleta, and Santa Barbara. This year’s publication is an impressive collection of articles and features that encapsulate the essence of the South Coast’s vibrant business environment, cultural richness, and stunning visitor attractions.

This complimentary annual publication features the people, organizations and businesses who make the South Coast so unique. 7,000 magazines are distributed annually at the Visitor Centers, hotels, attractions, cruise ships, events, members businesses, and upon request for those looking to relocate to the South Coast.

In her remarks, Kristen Miller, President & CEO of the Chamber, encapsulates the spirit of this edition: “The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce is deeply committed to the economic prosperity and vitality of the South Coast. Through leadership, collaboration, and advocacy, we strive to nurture a distinctive business environment that paves the way for opportunities, prosperity, and growth for our communities and their residents.”

The magazine dives into a wide array of topics that are central to the South Coast’s identity and growth. A few highlights include:

  • TechTopia: An exploration of the South Coast’s burgeoning tech scene, showcasing the region as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Accessibility for Travelers: Insights into how the area caters to visitors of all abilities, ensuring a welcoming and accessible experience.
  • Local Business Spotlight: Featuring Delgado’s and Pepe’s, celebrating the stories of local businesses that form the backbone of the community.
  • Real Estate Trends: An analysis of the commercial and housing markets, providing valuable information for potential businesses, homebuyers and real estate enthusiasts.
  • Exploring the South Coast: Highlighting activities and adventure that awaits in the area.
  • Annual Festivals: A look at the cultural and community events that bring together locals and visitors alike.
  • Eats & Drinks: A culinary journey through the South Coast’s diverse food and drink scene.

This edition of the Santa Barbara South Coast Magazine is more than just a publication; it’s an invitation to explore, engage, and connect with the community. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or a visitor, the magazine offers something for everyone, underlining the Chamber’s role in promoting economic growth and community engagement.

A digital version of the magazine is available at The magazine is available to pick up at the State Street Visitor Center at 120 State Street, Ste F, Santa Barbara CA 93101. To request copies for your business or for advertising opportunities, please email

About Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce

The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce, from Goleta to Carpinteria, is a regional business organization with the mission to help South Coast businesses, residents, and visitors thrive. Through leadership and collaboration, the Chamber is the principal economic development entity advocating for the business community. We engage with businesses, elected officials, and regional partners in proactive business initiatives that foster the South Coast’s unique business environment and create opportunities for our communities. The Chamber is proud to represent local business members who create 75,000 jobs on the South Coast! To learn more, visit

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