Carpinteria Business Committee Highlights

On Monday the Carpinteria Business Committee welcomed guest speakers Matthew Goodwin & Christopher Carlin with the 5885 Carpinteria Avenue Project and Teresa Alvares from Carpinteria Children’s Project.

Matthew summarized the 5885 Carpinteria Avenue Project proposal as a small hotel, restaurant, and event barn which would be a welcome addition to Carpinteria. The project emphasizes low-density development, maintaining agricultural space and as much of the natural land and habitat as possible

Teresa Alvares gave the committee an update on Carpinteria Children’s Project history, mission, vision, and current work. CCP provides early childhood education, family support through their family resource center and ECE programs, and so much more. Along with working with local organizations to fund fields trips for the children and their families. Food resources availability and scholarships. To learn more about CCP, click here.