Carpinteria City Council Certifies 2022 Election Results

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On December 12, the Carpinteria City Council certified the 2022 election results. Mónica Solórzano is the new District 1 representative, Roy Lee is the District 2 representative, Al Clark is the District 3 representative. Measure T was not passed and will not be adopted. The new City Council voted 4-1 to elect Al Clark as Mayor, with Natalia Alarcon as Vice Mayor.

The Chamber welcomes Carpinteria’s newest Councilmember Mónica Solórzano and looks forward to working with her on issues related to Carpinteria’s business community. Congratulations to Mayor Clark and Vice Mayor Natalia Alarcon, as well as a thank you to Councilmember Nomura for his service as Mayor.

The Chamber would also like to thank outgoing councilmember Gregg Carty for his 16 years of service on City Council. Carty was often a pro-business champion, advocating for a thriving small business community in Carpinteria. Carty’s dedication to the Carpinteria community has been clear throughout his years on Council, and the Chamber is thankful for his service.

The Chamber publicly opposed Measure T. If Measure T had passed, it would have prevented the Surfliner Inn Project, which has already gone through the City’s public process, as well as cause potential conflicts for the City due to general plan language revisions. The Chamber believes that No on Measure T was the right vote for Carpinteria, and looks forward to coming together with the community in 2023.