Chamber Joins County Regional Climate Collaborative

The Chamber has joined the Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative to connect local businesses to the non-profit’s work with the County. We aim to champion incentive-based programs, identify businesses who can be early adopters of new climate solutions, as well as find ways in which businesses may be able to spearhead climate change solutions in the County. The Chamber will continue to work to ensure that a healthy dialogue is maintained between the Collaborative and our local businesses who are often the closest to both the positive and negative impacts of climate change and the associated policies.

The Chamber has also been in discussion with the Collaborative about creating an Economic Impact/Business subcommittee that would meet to discuss climate change impacts on business, business-specific strategies, as well as offer deeper insight into the possible economic impacts of proposed climate change solutions to ensure the best collective outcome. If you would be interested in discussing this idea further, contact Dustin Hoiseth, the Chamber’s Public Policy Manager.

The Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative is a network of organizations working together to advance regional-scale climate solutions through coordination and partnerships. The organization’s purpose is to work together to address challenges that could not be addressed individually while ensuring that the desired collective outcomes are reached, and unintended consequences are avoided. To learn more about the Santa Barbara County Regional Climate Collaborative, click here.