Chamber Supported Goleta Economic Development Strategic Plan Receives Unanimous Support from City Council

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At a special meeting on July 27, the Goleta City Council unanimously approved the final draft of the Goleta Economic Development Strategic Plan. The Chamber has supported and been involved in the development of this plan since the process began in February of 2022. 

The plan sets a strong foundation for the betterment of Goleta’s economic future. The Chamber is identified as a

potential partner in many of the plan’s initiatives and strategies, and the Chamber looks forward to collaborating with the City and other partners during the implementation of this forward-looking plan. Read more HERE.

Throughout the process the Chamber participated in the Core Planning Group and Advisory Committee meetings, as well as the other various public input processes hosted by the City. The Chamber also hosted an economic development tour with City staff, Councilmembers, and the City’s consultants on this project. The group visited businesses in Goleta’s Old Town district, as well as businesses representing Goleta’s thriving aerospace and advanced manufacturing industries. 

The Chamber was excited to share our TechTopia video at the Council meeting as an example of the work the Chamber is already doing in connection with the plan’s initiative to “Amplify the reputation of Goleta as a world-class center of innovation and technology.