Climate Action Plan Encourages Local Business Input

Chamber members are diligently reviewing the measures and actions of the County’s 2030 Climate Action Plan draft. The Public Policy Committee is leading the effort to ensure the business community’s input is heard. The Climate Action Plan was created to reduce community-wide emissions by 50% and will play an important role in shaping policy into 2030. The draft measure and actions fall under four general areas: Housing, Transportation, and Mobility, Resilient Clean Energy, Sustainable Circular Economics, and Land Stewardship and Carbon Sequestration. The County’s One Climate Initiative is soliciting feedback from the community to ensure the plan reflects the community’s needs, and community feedback will be key to determining if and how each action of the Climate Action Plan will be considered.

Participation is simple and encouraged. Participants need only visit the website and create an account with their name and email. From there, participants can view the different measures and underlying actions, click on the appropriate action, and set their opinion on a sliding scale ranging from Oppose to Support. Optionally, participants can offer commentary on their opinion through pro/con comments. For more information from One Climate Initiative, click here. Or view their website, click here.