Goleta City Council meeting with Santa Barbara Airport

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On December 7 the Goleta City Council held a special meeting to hear an update from the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA). The Airport’s presentation was led by their new director Christopher Hastert, who emphasized a desire to further develop trust and transparency with the City of Goleta and its residents. While the Airport presented on their completed, upcoming, and ongoing development projects and initiatives, the focus of the presentation and discussion with Council was on aircraft noise and noise abatement.

Goleta residents, concerned with aircraft related noise, attended the meeting to share their concerns with the Council and SBA, and to talk about potential solutions. The Chamber attended the meeting and gave public comment in support of the airport, highlighting the critical role the airport has played in the economic recovery and continued economic success of our region. SBA’s commitment to community transparency and cooperation is an important piece of the aircraft noise discussion and has been made clear through SBA’s work with the Chamber and the local business community to act not just as a neighbor, but as a partner. The Chamber appreciates the collaborative and positive relationship between the City of Goleta and SBA.