Public Policy Committee Update

At last month’s Public Policy Committee meeting on October 27th, the committee welcomed guest speaker Patrick Stearns with SunPower, a solar, storage and energy services provider. Stearns gave a presentation on possible new rules regarding rooftop solar being considered by the California Public Utilities Commission. These new rules for net energy metering, proposed by California utility companies, will result in a reduced value on energy produced by rooftop solar, leading to a substantial increase in the payback period of commercial solar installations. The California Public Utilities Commission will make their decision whether to adopt this proposal by December 10th.To view the presentation, click here.


The committee also welcomed Brent Little with the Urban Advisory Building Group and John Polanskey with the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara. Little and Polanskey presented on the current progress of the Bailard Residential Project in Carpinteria. They gave an overview of the project’s benefits to the local community, location, design, size, and scope. The project is located within unincorporated county land. To view the presentation, click here.