Resource: Homelessness Response Directory

As our community continues to make progress addressing the challenges surrounding homelessness, clear communication is becoming increasingly important. Business owners and residents often don’t know who to call regarding their encounters with the homeless population. The Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (SB ACT) has been working closely with businesses and has recently created the Homeless Response Directory. To view the directory in English, click here and for Spanish, click here.

This  document provides a list of different situations you may encounter when interacting with the homeless population, who to contact, how to contact them, as well as response times. While this document should prove helpful in many situations, if you’re not sure who to call, please call 911 to be safe. Currently this resource only applies to the City of Santa Barbara, but in the future similar documents may be developed for other areas of Santa Barbara County. We hope the Homeless Response Directory will help business owners see a quicker and more impactful response when they reach out for assistance regarding issues surrounding homelessness.