Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Launches Roadmap to Recovery Phase II  


October 4, 2021 
Kristen Miller, President/CEO 
Marjorie Large, WitMark Group 
Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce                          
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Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Launches Roadmap to Recovery Phase II  

Santa Barbara, CA – The Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce, from Goleta to Carpinteria, (SBSCC) introduces its Roadmap to Recovery Phase II, to provide thoughtful, researched, consensus-based information for our members and the business community.  

Roadmap to Recovery Phase I launched in February, after months of industry specific focus groups. The plan outlined the Chamber’s COVID Safety 5-Step Method, provided a summary of challenges, and set a course for goals, tactics, and milestones that paved the way for businesses to reopen safely. 

Roadmap to Recovery Phase II emphasizes the best practices that our community has learned over the last 18 months and expands on how businesses are prepared to stay open and operate safely during the ongoing Pandemic. The plan also addresses long-term recovery strategies, different emerging issues, and additional challenges businesses are facing since Santa Barbara County and the State of California reopened the economy on June 15th.  

As businesses look ahead to recovery, they are now addressing new challenges such as the labor shortage, supply chain issues, continued childcare challenges and the complex problems related to homelessness. Within this plan, the Chamber provides information and resources that sustain businesses during reopening and support continued recovery for our South Coast communities.      

SBSCC President and CEO Kristen Miller states “We don’t have any control over the virus– but we can provide valuable feedback, milestones, markers and metrics that help guide the decisions we make every day as businesses, residents, and employers. The Chamber continues to chart a course with measurable goals that give us all hope, progress, and a chance at prosperity.”  

In the Chamber’s initial Roadmap to Recovery, there was a strong emphasis on using data to make decisions – and considering a variety of economic indicators in addition to important public health data. In Phase II, the Chamber includes updates on several important metrics including unemployment, commercial real estate, tourism and transient occupancy tax, sales tax, homelessness counts and more.  In addition to the guidance and metrics found within the plan the Chamber will continue to champion vaccinations in our community, as this is the quickest way out of the pandemic. 

“As with our Phase 1 Roadmap, we know this document will evolve,” said Trevor Large, Managing Partner of Fauver, Large, Archbald & Spray and the Chamber’s First Vice Chair. “We look forward to continued collaboration with our members and county leaders as we look to the future.” 

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