Solomon Hills – The next step in Santa Barbara housing

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On March 8 the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission will hold a hearing regarding the Solomon Hills project, located just south of Orcutt. Solomon Hills is a potentially 4,000-unit project, and reuse of a 1,903-acre industrial property. The proposal is for a small-scale village, which strives to be a model of sustainable communities. Given the severity of employee housing challenges faced by our local employers, Solomon Hills aligns perfectly with the type of big picture thinking the Chamber supports regarding housing. Solomon Hills does not shy away from our region’s housing crisis, instead choosing to meet it head on with an impactful proposal. The March 8 hearing will be for an initiation of a County General Plan Amendment and Rezone of the site. This would allow the applicant to perform a further study of the project proposal. Initiation on March 8 does not mean that the project is approved. The Chamber encourages any local businesses or individuals who are interested in impactful solutions to our region’s housing challenges to support the project on March 8. Click here to join the Chamber’s coalition letter. Click here for more about Solomon Hills.