County Board of Supervisors Host Workshop for Potential Housing Rezone Sites

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The County Board of Supervisors recently hosted a workshop on Potential Rezone Sites for the County’s Housing Element, a significant step towards addressing Santa Barbara County’s housing supply crisis. Last week’s meeting was a platform for these potential rezone sites to share their visions for housing development and community amenities. Although no immediate actions were taken, the workshop underscored the collaborative efforts needed to meet the county’s ambitious housing targets.

Kristen Miller, President & CEO, highlighted the Chamber’s proactive approach to workforce housing, emphasizing partnerships with projects like Glen Annie, San Marcos Ranch, Homes at the Caird Family Property, and the Orchard Project by sharing insights into the Employer Sponsored Housing Consortium. This model showcases a promising path for local employers to address housing needs through collaboration, aligning with the county’s broader housing goals.

Learn more about the Chamber’s Employer Sponsored Housing Consortium in the Roadmap to Recover – The Road Home.

Consider becoming a Workforce Housing Champion.