Public Policy Update

The Tri-county Chamber Alliance’s paid lobbyist, Fred Main of Clear Advocacy, recently gave an overview to the Public Policy Committee of the Assembly Bills and State Bills that he is monitoring on behalf of the tri-county Chamber members. For an overview and status of all the bills, click here. The Alliance was very active in lobbying the local delegation on AB 71, 650, and 995. The Senate passed SB 314 which allows continued to go alcohol and outdoor dining sales of alcoholic beverages. This year, the CalChamber did a very good job on the JOBKILLERS.

AB 71 (Rivas) – Oppose: Job Killer – inactive file

AB 257 (Gonzalez) – Oppose AB – 257 passed to Senate

AB 650 (Muratsuchi) – Oppose: Job Killer – inactive file

AB 995 (Gonzalez) – Oppose: Job Killer – inactive file

AB 1074 (Gonzalez) – Oppose AB 1074 – passed to Senate

AB 1371 (Friedman) – Oppose AB 1371 –  failed passage

SB 213 (Cortese) – Oppose: Job Killer – inactive file

SB 568 (Pan) – Oppose SB – 568 passed Senate

SB 746 (Skinner) – Oppose SB – inactive file

Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce

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